Total Life Changes Iaso Tea is the most cutting edge 100% natural weight loss, detox, and Nutrition Products. Creating great results in cleansing your body of toxins, loosing weight, building your immune system and overall good health.

TLC Iaso Instant™ Tea – 100% All Natural Detox Tea. 

TLC Iaso™ Tea Instant

Total Life Changes Iaso Tea has a special blend of 9 safe, natural and edible herbs that aids in filtering Toxins and Chemicals from your body. Toxins we consume from the foods we eat and air we breathe.

Iaso Tea Instant with CBD Hemp Extract

Iaso Tea Instant with CBD Hemp Extract

“It’s Time For CBD” – Total Life Changes latest product – Iaso Tea Instant with CBD Hemp Extract blends their flag ship product with an additional 100mg Full Spectrum Natural Agricultural Hemp Extract. TLC’s new and exciting formula is equipped with three additional extracts and combined with 2 grams of Nutriose® FM06 (non-GMO soluble dextrin fiber) with only ten calories per serving.

Iaso Tea with CBD Hemp – Raspberry/Lemonade Flavor

Iaso Tea with CBD Hemp – Raspberry/Lemonade Flavor

Enjoy the detox benefits of the original Iaso® Tea – TLC most recent  product – Iaso Tea Instant with CBD Hemp Extract [Raspberry/Lemonade Flavor]. TLC has again blended their original detox tea with an additional 100mg Full Spectrum Natural Agricultural Hemp Extract in a new flavor – Raspberry Lemonade for improved mood, weight loss and weight management.

Iaso™ Tea Ingredients

Iaso™ Tea ingredients are a special blend of 9 safe, natural and edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh.

Directions On Making Iaso Tea “Instant”

Mix one sachet with at least 16.9 oz of hot or cold water. Drink it 30 minutes before eating. Take 2 sachets daily or as directed by your health care professional.

Directions On Making Iaso Tea “Original”

  • Bring 1 quart (1L) of water to a full, rolling boil. +++Do NOT microwave for heating or reheating+++
  • Add 2 tea bags to the water and cover.
  • Remove from heat and let steep for 4 to 8 hours.
  • Combine steeped tea with 3 quarts (3L) cold water to make 1 gallon of tea.
    +++Do not remove tea bags.+++
  • Refrigerate!

Recommended IASO Tea Usage

Drink one (1) 8 oz. glass with lunch
Drink one (1) 8 oz. glass with dinner
Optional: Drink one (1) 4 oz. glass with a snack. After drinking the gallon of tea, save the tea bags, dry the tea herbs and simply add to any foods, soups, sauces, stews, salads, potatoes, etc.

Get Healthy With TLC Health Kit

Take your weight loss program to the next level with TLC 3 pack Weight Loss Kit.

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  3. IASO TEA​Full Body Detoxification – Helps You Lose Weight – Natural Energy

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TLC Distributors Needed In Your State 

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